Sibidiri Tribal needs

Sibidiri tribal needs - items listed with Friends of Papua New Guinea as immediate requirements to help villagers achieve improvements in their lifestyle.

The Friends of PNG was started by Craig Hand after his solo voyage crossing Torres Strait from Australia to Papua New Guinea in a small fishing boat in 2008.

Sibidiri Village PeopleSibidiri Village People

After spending a few days in PNG and meeting the tribe of Sibidiri, who have no electricity and had not seen a white person for two years, a meeting with the King and elders who asked Craig to help the village of Sibidiri in very remote South Western Papua New Guinea.

Items requested by the Elders of the Tribe:

  • 2 VHF radios, antennaes, brackets and lead.
  • 2 12 volt car batteries for VHF radios
  • 2 Solar panels for car batteries
  • Sports Equipment
  • 2 Grasscutter/mowers
  • 2nd hand mix bail
  • 2 yamaha guitars
  • Set of kitchen materials, eg. Pots, pans, plates, spoons, etc
  • Chainsaws
  • Windsock
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Garden tools
  • Tools for timber (handsaws, axes, tomahawks, adze, planes, files, hand drill and bits, nails, hammers, pliers, screws, screwdrivers, brackets)
  • Tools for metal (tin snips, hacksaws, punch, hammers, file, sharpening stones) Wire/wirecutters/pliers
  • Handlines /Fishing line/ hooks & sinkers/knives/ fishing lures


  • Crayons & coloring books for kids
  • Alfoil
  • Mozzy nets
  • Soap
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Solar garden lights
  • Torches & batteries
  • Map of the world laminated
  • Large stainless rods for roasts
Craig at village hutCraig at village hut

The “Friends of PNG” endeavours to work closely with the elders of tribes to aid in the development of village communities and to help improve the lives of village children.

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Fundraising Concert

Trailer Boat Club April 28

Mental As anything
Sex in the Desert
The Bloody Marys
Unbroken Expanse
and The Hiri Girls cultural dancers

All funds raised will go to Friends of PNG as Crackers heads off for his third trip to support the remote Sibidiri Tribe

Thanks to all the people who supported the evening. See some photos here

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